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Last year, ADEA got involved in an area that it didn’t intend to. Our focus is on the arts and
education. But after years of drought, with the cattle wiped out, our students and their families
are hungry. We have been hearing that the people we serve sometimes haven't eaten in three
or four days. And that’s impossible to ignore.
With families on the brink of starvation??, we have had no choice but to spend our reserves (or
whatever word you like) on buying and distributing bags of cornmeal. This is not sustainable for
us in the long run. We aren’t a food aid organization nor are the Masai interested in handouts.
We can, however, bring water to the area teach people to grow their food, and
generate income. That’s because the Masai do have land. The government recently removed
them from their ancestral homes and gave them 12-acre plots of arid scrub. But with wells and
irrigation, this land is arable. It can support families.
Embracing the philosophy of "teach a man to fish" and of course, women too, ADEA/PMD’s
vision is to dig wells and build water tanks. There is a significant upfront investment, but it ends
the permanent cycle of destitution and handouts. Our educational centers will teach
community members relevant farming techniques and promote reforestation. Ultimately, the
families can use the profits to send their children to school, build permanent homes, and invest
in their futures.

Cost of drilling and construction/tree nursery


 $     21, 900

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